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A smooth, floral, multi-layered gin, packed with botanicals inspired by Japan and Great Britain.  Signature Gin is led with the distinctive character of juniper and fresh citrus notes from Japanese yuzu fruit on the nose, with just a hint of lemon, followed through with layers of smooth spice, hints of ginger and the delicate balance of Japanese Hinoki (Cypress) and green tea (sencha).


シグニチャージン は、ジュニパー特有の特徴と鼻にくる国産柚子の新鮮な シトラスの香りで導かれ、

微かなレモン、滑らかな多層的 スパイス、仄かな生姜、繊細なバランスの日本のヒノキと緑茶(煎茶)が


Signature Gin 200ml 43% vol

SKU: SG200051
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