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The Story of the Blue Rabbit

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The “Blue Rabbit” name drew some inspiration from the “Choujuu-giga” (Animal Caricatures), a famous set of four Emakimono (Picture Scrolls) which belong to Kozan-ji Temple in Kyoto. The Rabbit has been popular with Japanese people for centuries and appeared in the Choujuu-Giga (in the 12th-13th Century), which is believed to be the oldest Manga in the world. In Japan, rabbits have always been considered lucky as a symbol of advancement as they only step forward. Here, there is a legend that rabbits pound Mochi (Rice Cakes) on the moon, so the moon and rabbits often appear in many motifs. The rabbit is a symbol of cleverness and self-devotion, and appears in myths. 


The Rabbit legend reflects our desire and ambition to create a brand that is high quality and unique but approachable and a brand that is fun to engage with. 

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