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To prepare our Blue Rabbit Vodka, a batch of Japanese shochu spirit is introduced to our still. The shochu base spirit is then heated until the alcoholic vapours begin to pass up the column where they undergo reflux. 

Blue Rabbit
Yuzu-infused Vodka


When these alcohol vapours reach the desired temperature at the top of the column, the vapours are slowly released at around 96% abv and collected in a stainless steel vessel. This new make spirit is then diluted with charcoal filtered water to reach the target bottle strength of 43% abv. 



Filtration is an important part of the profile of Blue Rabbit Vodka as our filtration process ensures that the our Vodka imparts a velvety smooth mouthfeel on the palate. This is achieved by filtering the spirit now through activated white birch charcoal. This filtration process essentially removes any remaining impurities in the spirit and results in a purer spirit.


The final stage before bottling is to infuse our vodka with the flavour of Japanese yuzu peel. This introduces a harmonious balance to the spirit, creating a fresh, flavoursome experience to the smooth mouthfeel of the spirit. And now, Blue Rabbit Vodka is born and ready to be bottled.

Yuzu Background.png


Now that our vodka has achieved all the attention it deserves in the creation and flavour stages, it’s ready for bottling. To ensure that no foreign objects or tiny unwanted particles find their way into the bottle, the vodka spirit is pumped in through our vacuum bottling system. This ensures the vodka is passed through stainless steel micron filters before being pumped, under vacuum into the bottle. A natural beech wood top stopper is secured into the neck of the bottle and a capsule is heat-shrunk to secure the stopper. The Blue Rabbit Vodka front, back and neck labels are then applied and the bottle is numbered and personally signed by our Distiller before being released for sale.

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